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Kyoto and the European directive on energy efficiency of buildings. Of mandatory in 2006

Insulation systems.

A system of external thermal insulation

This system gets up to 60% energy saving. System insulation foreign compound, backed by its effectiveness over more than 30 years in countries such as Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Get up to 60% energy savings in air conditioning and offers other advantages, gain m2 useful for housing or warranty protection antifuego. This system applies external thermal insulation in new housing construction and is completely effective in the rehabilitation of buildings for its fast and easy placement. Referring to the promotion of energy saving, one of the most important measures of the package of policies adopted by the Kyoto Protocol, guarantees up to 60% energy savings in air conditioning.

 Excellent insulation from the cold and heat

What makes an effective system to control energy use in buildings depending on the climatic conditions of each site, as required by the Directive of the European Parliament and the Council. The system incorporates a protection antigrietas and fissures, as well as a fire protection shown in two versions - not flammable (plates of rock wool), and hardly flammable (expanded polystyrene plates specially treated). The quality is not at odds with the design, which is why we offer the customer a variety of options for finishing the work. Profiles Facade tailor-made, wall colors and various formats; plasters field with increased resistance to dirt or systems ventilated fašade; are some of the aesthetic advantages that are incorporated.

ArtiIndex bet on ecology

Therefore, highlights the peculiarities of the system that responds to the implementation of the Kyoto protocol. In addition, to reduce noise pollution, favors reducing emissions and generates little noise and dirt during placement.

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