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To view the simulations of the houses is a need to install codecs. You can download it from the page of "Divx" http://www.divx.com For only need the DivX Player Media Player (comes with windows) and DivX codecs. Remember that the Web look better in full screen (F11 key or the View menu in Microsoft Explorer)

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 Links below will take you to a slideshow of photos of some work performed. Examples of property in a single floor, two floors, with loft. To bring these technologies to people who are interested in building a home with us:

Navarra - Project Custom 230m² house on two floors.
 [Photos from the construction    » ]    [Photo finishes    » ]
Alicante - Marysia house 250m², garage, two floors.
 [Photos from the construction    » ]    [Photo finishes    » ]
Pamplona - The house of 160m² ground floor + attic.
 [Photos from the construction    » ]    [Photo finishes    » ]
Valencia - Kamila the house of 140m² & 80m² porch.
 [Photos from the construction    » ]    [Photo finishes    » ]

 View video of Canadian house construction, build ground floor.

Examples >>>
With "building project" in some pre-show image of a house to download the simulation click on the icon.
Key element in building a house, Magnum Board, OSB board. Pages on technology and materials. Examples such as construction.

KronoGroup, very interesant.
KronopolGroup, Web in English.


267 euros/und.

Window size
1.465 x 1.435mm

5 Royal Thermoplast Profile
Climalit 4x18x4
With anti-theft system
Micro ventilation
Against the current of air brakes in your windows


Windows in PVC, aluminum blinds, motorized screens and windowsill. Materials to the letter, which allow the installation of the entire package at once. And to finish the hole in the window also put windowsill, Sand stone artificial marble. More information in www.artiindex.com

We take care of all material us. What we bring to work, download and install all material, with virtually no work. We use materials such as hooks, screws, studs, polyurethane and rubber gaskets. Ensuring the perfect operation of the window for many years.

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  Committed to the environment.
 Up to 100% recycled material.