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Houses construction and technology Canadian house. With top - quality and guarantees of Canadian houses - light - traditional foundation.

System based on the construction of homes on Timber Frame.

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Building walls
Garret Construction
Placing tile
Placing windows
Coating - monolayer

Memory capacity

The build system used fabric lightweight wood

This system enables lower cost per m², approximately 10 to 20% less than the cost of conventional construction. In addition, this system allows greater design flexibility and better use of space. The Canadian homes rest on the slab that insulates the soil. Not included in the price until you consider the ground. Included in the price of electricity installations, plumbing, bathrooms, tiles in the kitchen ... The wood is treated with salts special anti-humidity, carcomas and flame retardants. The mounting system is quick and clean. Once signed the contract in a month and a half two months the house arrives ready to be mounted. A house of 150 m² is handed the keys, in two months.

These houses are built up "in situ"

Foundations, forged, walls, dividing partitions, roof. The process to carry out the work is the same as in the case of conventional concrete. The noticeable difference with respect to the traditional construction is that all the structural elements of the house are made of wood, instead of concrete, brick, steel, etc.. We can also highlight important difference as it is a construction dry, meaning that all the materials used in both structure and finishes (OSB boards [Oriented Strands Boarding] hydrophobic, pladur, wood and so on. Etc.). Only they need a montage.

The advantages and perfection in the finished construction:

* Reduction in time for Implementation, 70% less
* Cleaning process during labor
* Perfection finishes
* Elimination of the coefficients of thermal expansion of different materials

Both the wood used, like the rest of the elements such as barriers sealing, air and water outside, steam (polyvinyl extinguible order of 0.6 mm., Insulation, etc.. Satisfy the stringent quality standards.

Memory qualities, qualities standard:

- Facade. Monocapa - textured coating color ivory.
- Cover based wood trusses or wooden beams - rástreles with concrete tile type Redland
- Inside - plates Knauf plaster
- Pavements. Ceramics in bathrooms and kitchen, bedrooms - laminated flooring.
- Sanitaryware Roca - Vitoria
- Interior gates step in DM
- Carpentry abroad. Door of security. Windows Climalit 4-16-4 PVC, aluminum blinds.
- Plumbing. Distribution of hot and cold water in polypropylene.
- Ceramic tile or concrete, or any other style according to the client.
- Electricity.
* Plug-16, 16, 20, 25, 32A '[the project] Installation light 10A
* Tomas TV in the lounge and master bedroom.
* Tomas telephony master bedroom and living room.

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