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Here's houses with wooden frames, building houses and technology with top-quality and guarantees of Canadian houses - light-traditional foundation.

The System is based on the construction of homes with Canadian Technology (Houses in Timber Frame).


* By using the same materials (dry), we deleted the fissures and cracks that occur, the different coefficients of thermal expansion. * When dry wood autoclave to 19% (to avoid Biotic agents such as decay, chromogens, etc.), we get a structure more lightly with the same strength and therefore need less concrete foundations with consequent savings. * Increased resistance to fire, as the wooden driver and evil meet regulations. NBE-CPI-96. * Construction faster. * Flexibility in the design, without great difficulty getting more water on roofs, By-Windows in facades, and so on.


The suspending of wood being more flexible will have greater capacity to withstand any kind of effort, both vertical and lateral loads to be distributed among the various vertical elements (uprights), which make up the walls bearing with no structural damage. An advantage of the system against earthquakes, strong winds intensive, etc.Para able to determine the degree of structural strength could say that 1 ml. The wall in 25cm (width) x 260cm (high) supports 10 tons in weight.


By using insulation (R-16) on perimeter walls, tabiquerias interior (R-8), (R-20) in the first forged and entretecho, along with the barriers sealing steam and air and water, along with the external carpentry wood , aluminum or PVC with broken bridge and thermal glazing with air chamber (climalit), and glass under emisivo, we hermetizar housing and get a savings of more than 50% for both heating and cooling obtaining environmental conditions in the internal healthy and natural.


* High quality finishes, avoiding false squads, mochetas, irregular interior pairs with a better and wider use in indoor spaces. * Flexibility in external coatings combining the unique with our construction materials, brickwork, stone, siding, wood, single or in combination with each other.


Reduction and control at the time of finishing the construction in a dry-based assemblies and non-subordination to the meteorological agents can determine a guaranteed delivery time. In addition to being a runtime so short we can determine any economic oscillation on materials, salaries, etc. and offer a price lock on the contract.


Resistance fire in a wooden house is not less than that of a traditional house. All interior surfaces are covered with panels Pladur resistant. This provides enough time to leave any structure and agrees with the policy contra-incendio. The wood itself is also treated with chemical and mechanical processes. Our woods are carefully selected and receive an intensive care are flattened, rounded shafts and fire system is incorporated into the structure (FIRE-stop) All these steps limit the risk of fire, but we must be aware that the most dangerous non - is the structure itself, but the articles fuels such as furniture and decoration inside the house.

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