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Houses Canadians, Ecological, healthy Eco. The houses bioclimatic-light-traditional foundation.

The alternative ecological and innovation

Canadian Living in a house with wood frame

Part of a philosophy of life different and increasingly appreciated, away from the reality of gray concrete. It is the desire to meet with a natural and healthy environment; finding the beneficial effects contributors Houses Canadian (rheumatic diseases, allergies or stress). The Canadian house protects against electromagnetic influences of our environment, absorbs noise and or withstand earthquakes exceptionally enjoying all the comforts of the residence.

The Wood is the material constructive more natural and healthy

Once treated wood requires far less energy than other materials and helps preserve nature, appropriate programs and cleaning selective replanting of forests. Generally pine and fir, most of the trees are more than fifty years, are dried in the open air and then, at the factory, receive the final and drying treatments suitable non-toxic products meet the most stringent European standards. The constructive position of the house makes it a home cool in summer and warm in winter with significant energy savings, in terms of heating or air conditioning.

The houses bioclimatic.

The construction and Use of buildings generate half of the carbon dioxide emissions They are released into the atmosphere, in addition, buildings consume 60% of what Materials extracted from the earth. Housing called the bioclimatic Response these impacts and involves the use of materials not harmful to the Environment. It is crucial, for example, the north-south orientation, Distribution of spaces, the use of solar radiation and Insulation covered.

  Comprometidos con el medio ambiente.
Hasta el 100% de material reciclado.